Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance therapy aims to restore the body’s healthy energetic flow. All the cells in our body can send and receive energy. If the energy pattern of cells is disrupted, it causes a mental or physical imbalance. Any imbalance can lead to fatigue, mental fogginess, and possibly illness. Bioresonance therapy includes a wide array of technologies. Rebalancing can be done through light, vibration, water, and generated electromagnetic fields.

Using Bioresonance Devices for Bioresonance Therapy

Groups of cells make up our body’s systems and organs. Each group has specific energetic patterns and frequencies. Bioresonance devices can read the pattern generated by different parts of our body to see whether its energy flow has been compromised or disrupted. Then, the wayward patterns are “retuned” to their original healthy frequencies and returned to the body.

During a treatment session for bioresonance therapy, electrodes are placed on the patient’s skin. Electrical signals are sent through the electrodes to clear blockages and remove toxins while a computer records the treatment data. Several sessions are usually required to reset a person’s energy balance. This is a non-invasive procedure, and there are no side effects.

Bioresonance Therapy Analogy

Bioresonance is similar to what happens when we are inspired. If feeling down, or creatively blocked, or hopeless, sometimes hearing a quote, a particular song, or reading an inspirational book can lift our mood. Something in the words or vibrations of the music resonates with us and stirs our own life force or creativity. When our cells are exposed to healthy frequencies, they are inspired by them and begin returning to normal.

Sound and Magnets for Bioresonance Therapy

Another bioresonance therapy growing in popularity is sound (or vibration) therapy. The body’s energy is brought into balance through sound vibrations created by things such as musical instruments, the voice, or tuning forks. You may have experienced this by attending a church that has a large pipe organ. Remember how your body buzzed when surrounded by the organ’s powerful music?

Some practitioners report having success using bioresonance therapy to treat depression; others do not. It depends on what techniques and devices the therapist uses, and their training and experience. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a newer treatment created for people with depression. It utilizes pulsed magnets to send healing signals to targeted parts of the brain.

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